How Do You Find Off-Market Properties?

Over the past few years, the limited supply and high demand for property has led to huge prices for buyers and property acquisition agents who are buying on the open market.

Rightmove’s House Price Index has regularly recorded record average prices for property entering the market, which has led to buyers and agents looking for the best prices to look at off-market opportunities.

An off-market property is one that is not available on any mainstream property portal, estate agent or an auction and cannot be bought or even found using traditional methods.

The most common way to find an off-market property is by getting in touch directly with the seller, who will often limit the number of people who are even aware of its sale.

Typically the seller will inform their circle of contacts and those in their network first, to see if someone close to them or someone close to a member of that circle would be willing to invest in the property.

This can involve a lot of legwork, network building and even direct advertising, but can potentially create leads that could lead to a fantastic deal.

However, there are ways to get access to off-market deals without directly getting in touch with a seller. Sellers who have a close relationship with a buying agent can ask for their home to be discreetly marketed to ensure they find the right potential buyer.

There are several reasons why a seller may want to operate this way; for certain high-value properties, publishing the home, its location and its contents onto the general market may cause potential security issues, and so a buyer may only want people with a genuine interest in buying to know more details.

As well as this, there are market benefits to selling off-market, such as being able to test the market to see what the best price they could get for the property is before opening it out to the general market.

Finally, there is the issue with having a home on the market for too long. A home with a large number of days on the market can be seen as one that has problems or is difficult to sell for reasons other than finding the right buyer.