Why Now Is A Better Time Than Ever To Use A Buying Agent

The UK property market has defied the predictions of a crash as the stamp duty holiday ends, with sales continuing to boom. Even homes that would previously have been difficult to shift are being snapped up by buyers, according to The Guardian. This means that purchasing your dream home may be more difficult than ever at the moment.

Prices are up 11% on the same time last year, according to data from mortgage lender Nationwide. Andrew Wishart, property economist at consultants Capital Economics, told the publication: “With the amount of secondhand stock on the market currently extremely limited, house prices could continue to surprise on the upside.”

There are also claims of gazumping, which is the practice of another party making a higher offer on a house that you are in the process of buying. Unfortunately, this practice is not illegal, and up to one third of buyers have experienced it at some point, according to the Home Owner’s Alliance.

All these factors mean that to secure your ideal home, you need to maximise your chances by having a good knowledge of the local market. Of course, this can take up a lot of time, especially if you are looking outside of your current area. This is where a specialist buying agent can be an invaluable resource.

Independent property finders will have an inside knowledge of the market, which will save you a great deal of research. They will be part of a network of other property professionals, which mean they often have knowledge of desirable properties before they come on the open market.

Once you have given your agent a clear brief, specifying your lifestyle requirements, such as proximity to schools, shops, open green space, and so on, they will be able to take the hard work of house hunting off your hands, and ensure that you and your future home are a perfect match.